Web Notes


WordPress WordPress is a content management system, and today it is the most prevalent CMS on the internet powering something like 25% of all the websites. WordPress comes in two iterations – one which is essential free and hosted, and one which is free, but you have to organize hosting of the application elsewhere. Hosted... Continue reading


Content is King This is a true saying, and well worth remembering. After years of all manner of ways to try and trick Google into giving us better results that we would otherwise get, the Google search robots now focus on the text being delivered to the site visitor, far more that keywords, meta tags,... Continue reading


Security Sadly it seems that whatever you do on the internet there are numbers of people who for whatever reason will want to play havoc with what you have done. This irrational and meaningless behavior is a pain in the life of most people who have anything to do with websites. Password Security This is... Continue reading

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design Responsive Web Design is one of the Industry catch phrases of the last few years. It represents a natural response to changing technology. If you think of publishing a book, you make a decision as to the format, the type face, the size of print, the paper you print it on, hard... Continue reading

Emma Chisset

This is a question I hear quite often, and it sounds simple enough, however the answer is not. How much is the weekly shopping? Well that depends on how many people are in the house, and if you buy only premiums brands or Aldi Specials. Basically it depends of what you buy. I use WordPress... Continue reading

Random Inspiration

Random Sayings I am not entirely sure why it is, however I have always had an attraction to powerful quotable quotes, be they maxims, general wisdom and proverbs, spiritual insights, or whatever. Many of them are memorable. Many of them give you a moment to reflect and think more cohesively. In the days before the... Continue reading

Social Media

Social Media We have all heard about the importance of Social Media and how it is important that we are in among the mix of where people spend so much of their time. Facebook is clearly the key example with more members than the population of China, and indeed more that a billion people a... Continue reading


C M S The three letter acronym C M S is used to describe a Content Management System. WordPress is a Content Management System. Generally speaking most contemporary websites will be based on a C M S. The essence of it is that the site is managed by some form of engine that responds to... Continue reading


Irfanview For around 20 years or so now the small program Irfanview has be around. As a windows application it’s purpose is to play with graphics, and it does so with the intent and purpose of making them better to use on the web. Simple tasks such as resizing, cropping, changing the colour contrast, gamma,... Continue reading


Forums The internet seems uniquely democratic, and the notion of using a website to provide a forum as a way of presenting information, and allowing for multiple authorship from the front end has a lot of attractive points. Sadly however the human condition seems determined to make this a nightmare. My first foray into the... Continue reading


No, like as in tabulated data tables! Displaying tabulated data has a number of problems, and these are somewhat exacerbated by the requirements for responsive formats. The are four basic approaches and it depends on the application which is the best. Do it is code. It is not that hard but it is quite an... Continue reading


Search Engine Optimisation or S E O as it is most usually described is important. There is an extensive industry built up around this area and you won;t have a website for long before they will come calling telling you all sorts of things that are wrong and how to get you on the first... Continue reading

How IT Works

How The Internet Works We live in a connected world. We know that and we speak of it easily. But for many the Internet is just a black box, and there is a feeling that it just works. When you type in a website address such as www.philipbarrington.net the first thing that happens is a... Continue reading