Random Inspiration

Random Sayings

I am not entirely sure why it is, however I have always had an attraction to powerful quotable quotes, be they maxims, general wisdom and proverbs, spiritual insights, or whatever. Many of them are memorable. Many of them give you a moment to reflect and think more cohesively. In the days before the internet I had a few dictionaries of quotes.

Because I have done a goodly number of church websites, there was a case for sites to display messages that might change over time. Sometimes Bible Verses, or other reflections. I found a number of random generators, some of which used libraries (which I quickly fell out of love with) and some allowed you to generate your own. Soon enough I developed my own method, so I am no longer dependent on things that seem to break.

There are lots of businesses where this sort of approach works well. This can be just so that there is something a little different in businesses that have repeat visitors. It may be business maxims that work for your business, or maybe sharing more of your outlook on life.

These can be presented in a graphical way, or simply as text.

Humour can be part of the attraction.

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