Advanced Drug

When I was approached for some work on a website for Advanced Drug Solutions, they had a project which had stalled, and they had largely crafted the design. The challenge for me was to replicate a design fabricated elsewhere as a WordPress Theme. The brief was fulfilled with some measure of success, the static image... Continue reading

Anglican Women Newcastle

Anglican Women Newcastle unites women across the Diocese. We seek to help. Prayer and Worship, Learning, Fellowship with all women in the Diocese and beyond, Giving with Anglican Women Newcastle Thank You boxes.

CB Tech

I have had a long association with Complete Business Technologies, and the site has been reinvented several times. Currently there is a new regime been deployed in order to display the extensive range of Digital Office Machines, being multi function office work stations and document management solutions, general referred to by the staff as The Copier'.... Continue reading


Copier Distribution Australia takes responsibility for doing our part in reducing E-waste from entering landfill. By supporting refurbished copiers and giving them a second life, we help to take a step in the right direction. Our mission is to encourage others in finding an alternative Eco Print Solution. We can all do our part to... Continue reading

Celtic Stationery

The White Heather or Celtic Stationery site has grown and developed over the years. For some time it was a simple billboard website, and then it became more of a product display site. More recently we have ramped up the site to include a shopping cart facility. to facilitate it becoming a full-blown e-commerce site.... Continue reading

Digital Office Tech

Digital Office Technology DOT or Digital Office Technology came to me for a website for a business that deals in aftermarket compatible toner parts and supplies for Digital Office Machines. One of the key functions of the website is for the dealer chain - who are essentially their customers, there is a very fast sorting... Continue reading

East Lake Macquarie Anglican

The amalgamation of four parishes has resulted in the new Parish of East Lake Macquarie. This is, as it happens, the second website for the new Parish, looking for greater clarity of purpose, and a cleaner, more finished and faster delivery of the site to the screen. Ket to this project has been an eye... Continue reading

Everything Travel

The client had previously begun development of a Dot Net Nuke Web presence and work on the project stalled and ultimately failed. We took the decision to use another domain name which they had already secured being which seemed like the perfect URL for the business. The site was developed using the theme Vantage... Continue reading

Garter Electrical

The client came to me having had a long-standing static HTML site, that had served them well but had then run into problems and was no longer doing what they needed, especially on mobile devices. We took the decision to develop the site as a single-page website, as there was a limited amount of information... Continue reading

Mothers’ Union Newcastle

Mother's Union is so prevalent, and so quintessentially Anglican, that in many ways it seems a surprise to realise that it was founded internationally fairly recently, in 1885. The Diocese of Newcastle Mothers' Union was founded by Mrs Stretch (the then Bishop's wife) in 1907. Mothers' Union, wherever it is in the world has always... Continue reading

Ollie 7

Photography as an art form is somewhat more than just collecting images from a camera. Ollie has accomplished a great deal, based on images that make a statement, are technically proficient in a whole range of ways, and challenge people to engage with the image. The famous landscape photographer, Ansel Adams is said to have... Continue reading

Parish of Hamiltion

This is Hamilton in Victoria, and for me meant working at a distance, initially eased somewhat by the fact that I had known the new priest for many years. Of course, the Parish has moved to a new Priest, and the Website has moved to a new hosting account. The site is designed to make... Continue reading

PM Barrington

I thought I should include this site in my portfolio. On the one hand, there is very little from a web design perspective on my part involved in the site, save for a few decisions. However, it is important to me, because she was my mother and this is something that preserves some of the... Continue reading

Raymond Terrace

When the Parish Priest came to see me about the site, they had had a site (in Drupal) previously that had lapsed, and they had embarked on a WordPress project which had stalled, so the decision had to be taken to breathe new life into the stalled project or start again. We made the decision... Continue reading

SJKS Music Foundation

When I was asked to address this project I was quite excited. St James is an important and historic Church at the heart of the legal precinct in Sydney. The Foundation seeks to raise funds to support the ongoing music ministry of the Parish, which contributes not insignificantly to the cultural life of the City.... Continue reading

Southern Cross

A long-standing Scarp Metal dealer in Western Sydney, Southern Cross Metals had not previously had a web presence. The initial site was a traditional 5-page business website. Since we have had it up and running we have transformed it into a single-page website for the benefit of those using mobile devices to access the site.... Continue reading

Taree Anglican

There was an older website that this was written to replace. And this is indeed a second rewrite of the site following the appointment of a new Rector. The Parish is known by many in the area as the blue cross church referring to the Cross on the bell tower. It has a good relationship with... Continue reading

Yurana Homes

The group based in Ulladulla provide holiday accommodation for families where one of the children is suffering from a serious illness, such as cancer. The object of the new website project was to promote some of the work that they do and to be a place where families coming on holiday could have a look... Continue reading