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Parish of Hamiltion

The Anglican Parish of Hamilton.

This is Hamilton in Victoria, and for me meant working at a distance, eased somewhat by the fact that I have known the new priest for many years.

The site is designed to make a very clear impression of the Parish and the clarity of purpose – reflected in the simplicity of the Head Menu – Prayer and Sacrament – Faith and Mission – Community and Service.

Much of what stands out to me about the site is hidden from the casual visitor, and is built around a number of Custom Post Types, making it easy for the visitor to the site to update things, especially regular things such as Prayers, Links, and Pewsheets, and and unpublished set of site notes for those behind the scenes to help understand how to manage and update the site.

The Background graphic for the site is a tessellation based on the Classic English Ecclesiastical Brocade Cloister.