Mothers’ Union Newcastle

Mothers' Union Newcastle

Mother's Union is so prevalent, and so quintessentially Anglican, that in many ways it seems a surprise to realise that it was founded internationally fairly recently, in 1885. The Diocese of Newcastle Mothers' Union was founded by Mrs Stretch (the then Bishop's wife) in 1907.

Mothers' Union, wherever it is in the world has always been a power of strength to the life of the Church and it was a great honour to be asked to be involved in the project. The site has had a couple of iterations, tweaking and fine-tuning along the way. The thought for the week comes from the Australian Mothers' Union and is normally uploaded and scheduled ahead of time. This makes the management of the site reasonably easy.

The site is now housed on a turbo web server with some strong caching applications to improve the speed of delivery of the site to the screen.

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