WordPress Web Design

I work with clients. Together we develop a WordPress Web Design.

I want to help each client promote their business or organisation.
To attract visitors to their site.
My services include design, set-up, training and hosting.
The initial basic SEO is part of what I provide.

Website Information Document

Forms, in general, are nobody's favourite thing, however, they do represent a way of quickly assembling ideas and information. The form here, is not compulsory, however, I have found that it does have the capacity to speed up the process of building a website. (OK – yes I do know that it needs updating and that will happen soon enough.


Many Factors govern the speed of delivery of the landing page to the browser. These include

  • content
  • behind-the-scenes code and scripts.
  • speed of database query execution.
  • speed of the network on the web-server
  • speed of the CPU on the server,
  • and the capacity of the server to handle the bandwidth.

Many of the factors come down to the web host. To this end I have updated my hosting account to what is described as "turbo hosting' and my observation is that it is a good deal quicker.


In the end, you only have hearsay until you bite the bullet, open an account and check out what really happens. I have been using Crazy Domains for most of my WordPress sites, though for clients who already had sites I have used, MelbourneIT, and HostGator Currently, I am using A2 as a web host provider, though I normally manage domain name registration through Crazy Domains.


So with some experience, I started off on the search for something better and I suspect that whilst better, some are more expensive. Charges seem to range between numbers like $29-$99 dollars a month. Ultimately I concluded that was not what many of my clients would want to pay, though I think there is the odd one around who would. I have used A2 Web Hosting for a number of years, They have been clean, consistent and easy to deal with. Their new turbo hosting option is a big step forward.