Most often the project will involve installing WordPress, though I have also upgraded a number of sites already using WordPress.  If there were specific requirements I would be prepared to look beyond WordPress, though for most applications WordPress represents a reasonable standard base and a value proposition.

Web Design Services

A range of services I supply in relation to any given web project. It normally starts with a conversation about what you want to do. I know that can sometimes be challenging, as we often discover more things once we start.


I host many client sites, some have other hosting arrangements. If I am hosting it, it will generally be set on the Singapore servers of A2 Hosting, which is fast and reasonable.

Domain Names

As a matter of policy, I ask clients to manage their own domain name registration as I believe it is you who should control that, not me. I often help in finding an appropriate, sensible domain name. I usually use Crazy Domains as Domain Register as overall I have found that they do an excellent job of this and have a reasonable value.


For some time created themes for WordPress. This is less useful now as there are many free and paid-for themes, with good control over the look and feel. The advantage is that they come from professional developers and will be updated to meet the latest changes to WordPress.

Font Selection

Your font choice may seem insignificant, however, it is good for creating a consistent look for your brand. Google fonts have about 1,000 typefaces to choose from and can be used in other places as they are free to use.