WordPress Web Design Consultant

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Most often the project will involve installing WordPress, though I have also upgraded a number of sites already using WordPress.  If there were specific requirements I would be prepared to look beyond WordPress, though for most applications WordPress represents a reasonable standard base and a value proposition.

Web Design Services

A range of services I supply in relation to any given web project. It normally starts with a conversation about what you want to do. I know that can sometimes be challenging, as we often discover more things once we start.

Domain Names

As a matter of policy I get clients to manage their own domain name registration as I believe it is you should control that, not me. I often help in finding an appropriate, sensible domain name. I often use Crazy Domains as Domain Register as over all I have found that do a good job of this and reasonable value.


I host a many client’s sites, some have other hosting arrangements. If I am hosting it, it will generally be set on the Singapore servers A2 Hosting, which are fast and reasonable.


Sometimes part of the work involves some theme design or selection of a commercial theme. Generally I am inclined toward design, as this often allows for a better connection with establish colours and logos and the like.

Font Selection

Font choice may seem insignificant, however it is good in creating a consistent look for your brand. Google fonts gives us about 800 to choose from, and can be used in other places as they are free to use.