Garter Electrical

Garter Electrical

The client came to me having had a long-standing static HTML site, that had served them well but had then run into problems and was no longer doing what they needed, especially on mobile devices.

We took the decision to develop the site as a single-page website, as there was a limited amount of information and given the prevalence and importance of mobile connectivity it means that the site loads once and then the navigation system moves you up and down the page, without the need to reload.

We used the Vantage theme from SiteOrigin for the purpose, customised for the site.

The other key objective was to ensure as quickly as possible people know what the business does, "Automatic Gates, Doors, Boom Gates, Access Control - Domestic and Commercial".

It was my first adventure with a single-page website, and I will do it again as it makes a lot of sense in some circumstances.

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