Raymond Terrace

St John's Raymond Terrace

When the Parish Priest came to see me about the site, they had had a site (in Drupal) previously that had lapsed, and they had embarked on a WordPress project which had stalled, so the decision had to be taken to breathe new life into the stalled project or start again. We made the decision to start again, and we went through several design drafts (more than usual but dealing with a committee) and ultimately the decision was made to use a commercial theme called Native Church.

I like the theme and what it is capable of producing. In fairness at times I get a little frustrated by them as it has much built into them that the parish does not use and som in some sense it is more complicated than it needs to be. I suspect it was designed for American large congregations where perhaps they might be someone who can manage the site for a couple of hours a day.

That having been said it has served the Parish well and is well used by the parish to manage many of the things they do. Members of the Parish have been more forward of late, recognising the value of the site, to put more time into it.


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