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How IT Works

How The Internet Works

We live in a connected world. We know that and we speak of it easily. But for many the Internet is just a black box, and there is a feeling that it just works.

When you type in a website address such as www.philipbarrington.net the first thing that happens is a chick of the .net registry to find out where the records for philipbarrington.net are held and then a visit to the computer where those record are held to find ip address (that will be a set of numbers like of the website, then determining where that computer is and then visiting that computer to find the records, and then display the content available.

Domain Name

So the first thing you need to have a website is a Domain Name. This can be one of the many Domain Name Providers, and this is likely to cost between $10 or so dollars a year to a few hundred dollars a year. .com names a registered for a single year and .com.au names are registered for two years.

Hosting Account

This is like renting space on a Computer somewhere with excellent access to the internet for you have somewhere to store the files and applications that will drive your website. Domain Hosting is likely to cost somewhere between $5.00 a month and maybe as much as $250.00 a month. This may well depend on a range of services that may be available.


Then you need the site developed, normally using a CMS (Content Management System) which effective means that there is a database engine on the site that renders to information requested fir the device asking for the information. 25% of the websites in the world use the application WordPress, and that is what I develop websites in.