WordPress is a content management system, and today it is the most prevalent CMS on the internet powering something like 25% of all the websites. WordPress comes in two iterations – one which is essential free and hosted, and one which is free, but you have to organize hosting of the application elsewhere.


Hosted WordPress is a great option for a blogger, and all manner of personal reasons why you may want to have a web presence. If you elect to go free, it means that your domain name will be SomethingYouChoose.wordpress.com. You can use a more regular domain name, however there will be a cost for that – around $100 US a year. There is also a number if limitations, in terms of the Theme you use, and the extra functionality that you will want. These limitations are such as for most organisational websites the self hosted option makes more sense. None the less it is a good way to learn a lot of WordPress things, and if you want to have a go, I would encourage you. I Personally have a couple of these that I use for a couple of purposes.

Self Hosted

The WordPress engine is still free, however It will need to be configured and installed for your website. Then you will need a Theme, and this can be any kind of custom theme that is supported by WordPress, and One of the services I offer is a theme designed specifically for you business, normally to reflect corporate branding  and corporate colours, and the like. You then have the capacity to add ‘plug-ins’ which add additional functionality to manage and support the design. Increasingly popular at present are a number of page builders fr WordPress which improve the ability to move text and images on the page in blocks without having to resort to code.

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