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No, like as in tabulated data tables!

Displaying tabulated data has a number of problems, and these are somewhat exacerbated by the requirements for responsive formats.

The are four basic approaches and it depends on the application which is the best.

  1. Do it is code. It is not that hard but it is quite an exact approach and everything has to be started and ended in order.
  2. There is a plugin that lets us add tables and then to format them. If it is a small amount of data and an occasional table that may be the best solution.
  3. There is the opportunity to feed a Google table straight into the page by way of a widget. This is powerful, fast and good, however has some cross browser issues.
  4. There is another plugin that will import data from an excel spreadsheet into a table which can then be used on the site. For largish datasets this may be the best solution.

Talk to me about you needs at the time, as like everything on the internet things are forever changing and developing.