Emma Chisset

This is a question I hear quite often, and it sounds simple enough, however the answer is not.

How much is the weekly shopping? Well that depends on how many people are in the house, and if you buy only premiums brands or Aldi Specials. Basically it depends of what you buy.

I use WordPress as a development tool websites because it enables me to provide more value for less money, and there are literally thousands of developers out there offering a range of extensions that are as a rule not over expensive.

The first thing to establish is what do you want the achieve in the way of a website? One of the things that often can cause problems is the notion of simple can become quite complex, incrementally. In reality I will always allow for some bracket creep, just because it is the nature of the beast.

I have done a number of websites for organisations where funds are extremely stretched, and I am happy to help where I can, however I no longer do free websites, The main reason for that is that I quickly understood that if people do not put some money of the table, then they quickly see now value in the project, and no value in my time and expertise. As such I have concluded that free websites are a no value proposition both ways.

I suggest that when you talk to me we have an idea of a budget. Then let’s see if that will be enough to achieve what you want to achieve. In reality that is pretty much the rule that we can work with both in the for good community organisations and in the commercial projects.

A good place to start some of the think is with the Website Information Form that can be downloaded from the home page.

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