Hop Skip n a Dump

Hop Skip n A Dump

Terry runs a skip business in that lovely part of the South Coast known to the locals as MUD (Milton Ulladulla). His business is well known and with the advent of the ubiquitous Google searching he found he was missing business because they search for him, even those who knew his name and came up with the competition.

The key response is clearly to have a website that can be found. The clue for this sort of business is the Phone Number, so there it is very clearly to be seen.


It is key, straightforward and direct. Because he is well known in the district, his photo on the front page assures people that they have the right business.

The logo, including the kangaroo poo, has been quite famous and a good talking point around the sitrict for many many years, so it had to be front and centre on the site.

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