Ollie 7

Ollie 7

Photography as an art form is somewhat more than just collecting images from a camera. Ollie 7 has accomplished a great deal, based on images that make a statement, are technically proficient in a whole range of ways, and challenge people to engage with the image.

The famous landscape photographer, Ansel Adams is said to have responded to the criticism that the were no people in his pictures, that ‘there are always two people in the image, one behind the camera, and one in from of the picture’. The art is the medium of the conversation between the composer and the observer.

Of late Ollie 7 has described herself as a random photographer, on the one hand this description allows her the freedom to work as she catches inspiration with the confine of genre.

The site is specifically clean, with only the words needed, to allow the images to speak for themselves. As a web project it provided a number of interesting variations in approach.


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