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Page Builders

Page Builders add a level of functionality to WordPress, and having used WordPress for a long time without one, I quickly realised once they came about I wouldn't want to home without one.

This site has been built using the QT (Quick Themes) Theme Builder which adds the benefit of a Page Builder, however does this very efficiently, and hence is capable of speeding up a site. It is not the most fully featured plugin, and it does mean that you have to adopt some precise methodology to work with it, specifically revolving around shortcodes - which really was the old WordPress way of doing anything. I am impressed with the QT Page Builder, and as it grows and develops, as all these things do, I will probably use it on a few more sites.

The other Page Builder I have used on most of my sites is the SiteOrigin Page Builder and it does work a little differently basically by turn the whole site into a widget area, and allowing anything that you could have deployed by widget wherever you want it on the page. The argument is that it has an impost on the page load time, but generally I would say that it is acceptable. As a Page Builder it is more mature than the QT Page Builder, and in a way seeks to do things in a very different way.

All Page Builders work on the idea of being able to create a customisable grid of content made up of Rows first and then Columns which then stack according to the prescribed order when viewed on smaller mobile devices, to meet and satisfy the responsive requirements of a modern website.

At the moment my view is that the SiteOrigin Page Builder may be just a fraction easier for the un-techo end user to manage and work with. Of course I am happy to work with the options that you prefer. depending on your requirements I may well make particular suggestions as to which will suit your needs best.